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How to write a graduate CV

After a long time studying you’ve finally graduated, congratulations! Now it’s time to work on creating a great CV, which will be essential to finding your ideal graduate job.

The overall aim is to market yourself and your skills in a way that makes employers want to meet you.

Here are some helpful tips you should consider…

Tailor your CV

It’s really important to tailor your CV to every job that you apply for. Don’t be tempted to send the same application to a large number of employers. Instead use the job description to adapt your CV. If the job specification asks for specific skills or experience, ensure you include these where relevant, explaining how they will be useful and beneficial to their company.

Focus on value, not tasks

Many people tend to focus on what they’ve done in their previous jobs instead of telling a potential employer what value they have delivered. It’s essential to prove that you’re the type of person who can use your initiative to add real value to their company if they were to hire you.

Sell yourself

Whilst your academic qualifications and key achievements are essential to include, it’s also important to sell your personality, as many employers look for someone who will fit in with the rest of the team and working environment.

According to Target Jobs, 81% of graduate recruiters say they look for employability skills above all – and this is even more important to them than a degree subject or result.

Employers scan through many CVs each day, so it’s important for you to stand out.

Use space wisely

A CV should generally be two pages long, so it’s important to only include relevant information and explain yourself clearly. If previous jobs are no longer relevant to the position you’re applying for, they can simply be removed.

Remember to take the time on your CV to ensure it’s the best it can be for every job application.

We hope these tips help and good luck!