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The secret to Career Happiness

The secret to career happiness



We spend a lot of time working, so lets enjoy it, right? Reports show that half of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs, so it’s time to change this!


There’s a magic formula to career happiness and it doesn’t involve a secret potion. We can all make a few simple changes throughout the working week to help us achieve this . . .


Have the courage to ask

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama. The parts of your job that you may dislike or find difficult can be improved through effective communication within your team – it could even end up being the part you enjoy most!


Find your job’s purpose

Employees who understand their job’s purpose and realise the positive impact their work is having on others are happier, more engaged and more productive in the workplace.


Take regular breaks

Taking breaks – simple! Staring at a computer for long periods of time without a break causes the brain to get a bit sleepy, clear your head by taking regular breaks to remain happy and productive throughout the day.


Help a colleague

If you see a colleague struggling, offer a helping hand, this will not only boost your happiness but theirs as well – double win!


Create a positive environment

Place flowers and photographs on your desk to personalise your working area. Flowers are the perfect pick-me-up and are proven to increase energy, happiness and enthusiasm.


Set goals

Set yourself personal goals and challenges throughout the day to keep yourself motivated, a ‘to do’ list is a good way of doing this, plus you can tick things off as you go – which is a little bit of a treat!



Exercising on workdays is proven to make people more productive, less stressed and positive. Maybe a short run in the morning before work or at lunch.


So, make a change for a happier you!